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Lakers Fans Break Into Clippers’ New Arena and Wreak Havoc


Two Lakers fans broke into the Clippers’ new arena and posted the whole thing on TikTok.

Footage of the incident shows this pair of certified dumbasses climbing up a ladder and into the Intuit Dome, before putting up shots and setting off a fire extinguisher.

One of the two young men even showed his face during much of the video, seemingly unaware of the consequences coming his way.

While the other fan seemed to be simply along for the ride, his friend was having the time of his life hooping inside the arena while wearing a pair of Lakers-branded pyjama pants.

It’s unknown when exactly the break-in occurred, but clearly these two were a little overzealous in their efforts to remind everyone which team runs LA.



The Clippers’ new arena has been a hot topic in Los Angeles, with the city’s less glamourous NBA team set to move into an infinitely more glamourous arena than the Lakers.

The Inglewood-based Intuit Dome is slated to open in time for the start of next season. Its opening roughly coincides with the Clippers landing James Harden to complete a star-studded lineup that also features Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Russell Westbrook.

It was a “swing for the fences” move for Steve Ballmer’s team, as they go above and beyond to chase relevancy in a city that’s always bled purple and gold.

But for the Clippers, at least the James Harden move has paid off so far, with the team now sitting at 37-20 and fourth-placed in a highly competitive Western Conference.

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