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How would the 2023-24 Pistons do in the Euroleague? We asked a bunch of Euroleague players


The Detroit Pistons, holding the NBA’s worst record at 8-48 and having endured a 28-game losing streak earlier in the season, have sparked debates about being potentially the worst team in league history.

On another note, the Euroleague has become increasingly competitive. This led us to pose a question to Euroleague players: Where would the 2023-24 Pistons finish in the competition?

Euroleague players were torn. Former Sacramento Kings forward Chima Moneke says they wouldn’t even make the playoffs, while Anadolu Efes star Will Clyburn says they would win it all.

Here are the responses from the Euroleague players we polled:

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

They would be play-in, max. That’s what people need to start asking. Think about all the young guys that they have. Dealing with the European coaches, they would not do that well. It’s not about basketball rules and what you’re used to matters. Guys are averaging 20-plus points over there, you come over here, it’s a 40-minute game, and you don’t play the entire first quarter. How are you dealing with that? You’re averaging 14 minutes a game and in the NBA you can play 26 minutes. It’s different.”

LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

First place. Just the size and athleticism. It’s a reason why they’re the best players in the world. They will adjust to the game and the way it’s played here and from there it will be easy.”


“Hard to say but they would be a playoff team for sure. The biggest difference between the NBA and the Euroleague is shot-making ability. When they’ve adjusted to the rules and style, they would be a good team.”

YAGIZ GURTUG/Middle East Images/AFP via Getty Images

“I think they’d finish in the Final Four in the Euroleague. NBA guys are good… even though some bench players in the league don’t look good in the NBA setting, they are still at that level for a reason.”

Altan Gocher / Middle East Images / Middle East Images via AFP)

“With the right coach, they’re finishing no lower than fourth or fifth. Doing well in the NBA is all about star power. Doing well in the Euroleague is about the depth of your team. And the Pistons would have a deep team by Euroleague standards. Inexperience would be the biggest reason they drop games. The NBA is for the young and hungry. Euroleague is for the matured and seasoned. That’s why I think the coach would be a huge factor too. The coach would have to cover the gap in experience.”

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I’d say they probably make it to the Final Four. After that, one game is tough for the championship. I just think it’s too much talent to not make it that far.”

ALTAN GOCHER/Middle East Images/AFP via Getty Images

They’d finish somewhere near the top, probably the first seed honestly. They have too much talent for the Euroleague. People forget the Pistons are an NBA team and the NBA is the best with the best players from all over the world. Even though they lost 28 straight games, they’d still be far better than any current Euroleague team.”

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