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Adrian Griffin and Bobby Portis address passionate locker room dialogue


Photo: Milwaukee Bucks/YouTube screenshot

In the aftermath of the Indiana Pacers’ unexpected victory over the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA In-Season Tournament, reports surfaced of an intense locker room exchange involving Bucks forward Bobby Portis and rookie head coach Adrian Griffin.

Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report revealed that Portis passionately challenged Griffin and teammates, specifically focusing on the team’s offensive execution in critical moments.

Griffin responded, stating, “I won’t comment on what was reported. Like I said, we’re a passionate group. We hate to lose. We’re a together group. Whatever internal dialogue happens in our locker room stays in our locker room. We had a great practice today, and we just get ready for Chicago,” per Eric Nehm of The Athletic.

Portis, addressing the situation, emphasized his commitment to leadership, stating, “Don’t want to speak too much about what’s happening in our locker room. What happens in our locker room is sacred between us. I’m just a competitor, I love to compete. I think I’m a leader. I lead by voice and I lead by example as well. So just being a leader, being a voice. And whoever else’s opinions, outside opinions outside of our team, that’s just their opinions about me or our team. I’m here for all the right reasons,” per Eric Nehm of The Athletic.

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