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Rob Pelinka Addresses AD and LeBron’s Future in LA


Since the Lakers were swept by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, there have been questions raised around what the team will look like next season, particularly if Anthony Davis and LeBron will remain.

LeBron and Davis have been together at the Lakers for four seasons, three of those resulting in playoff appearances and one championship.

Despite rumors of AD to Dallas and LeBron hinting at a potential retirement, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka says the pair are a firm part of the purple and gold blueprint moving forward.

“I think if you look at the last four seasons,” Pelinka told Lakers Nation. “You kind of bring up the four seasons we’ve been in the playoffs. Three of those four years, Western Conference Finals one year, a championship one year. I think that’s frankly where we’re supposed to be. So I’m not up here pounding our chest and feeling proud about it. That’s where the Lakers are supposed to be. And as Darvin said our job is to continue to build into that and again, want to respect LeBron’s time and space to process what he needed to process.

“LeBron and AD as two pillars is, you know, to us an unmatched combination that will continue to lean into and build around. Both incredibly high-character players that want to win (and) play the game the right way. We’re proud of that combination of superstars and want to continue to invest in that and invest in advancing the growth we had this year into next season.”

LeBron is weighing up foot surgery in the offseason which could see him come back strong as ever.

While AD has to prove he’s capable of some consistency after a rollercoaster of an offseason.

Despite his shortcomings in offense, he was the postseason leader in blocks.

Pelinka clearly has a vision in mind for next season, so it will be interesting to see which players will be retained along with LeBron and AD.

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