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Did Eric Lewis have his burner account exposed on Twitter?


Back in late January, the Celtics and Lakers played in a back-and-forth game that went to OT. A Celtics win would come at the hands of the referees that night. There was a blatant foul on LeBron James at the end of the game, but it wasn’t called. Eric Lewis was the crew chief for that Lakers vs Celtics game and he may have been caught on social media. He may have had his burner account exposed on Twitter. 

After this regular season game, the controversial call warranted a pool report. This gives the media a chance to ask the refs a few questions. Lewis admitted that his crew missed that foul call at the end of OT. Since then, NBA fans were able to find an account that has been suspiciously responding to Tweets about the official.

This account was then soon deactivated after it was exposed on social media. Is this really NBA referee Eric Lewis’ burner account that fans stumbled upon?

NBA referee Eric Lewis may have had his burner account exposed on Twitter

The accuser who found the alleged burner account tweeted “The jig is up” and even tagged the alleged burner account. A short while after the account was then reactivated and the person claimed to be Lewis’ brother Mark. The alleged Eric Lewis burner account then tweeted this out in response to the accuser.

“Dear Pablo, right family, wrong Lewis. You might want to out his brother, Mark. Just have fun. Twitter ain’t Watergate” – alleged Eric Lewis burner account

That response tweet was soon deleted and it’s very suspicious, to say the least. The burner accounts history is full of Tweets coming to the aid of Eric Lewis and the rest of his colleagues in the NBA. While the account claims to not be Lewis, more digging says otherwise. The Instagram account linked to its Twitter is registered as “elewismk@aol.com”.

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