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LeBron and Woj Appear on Twitters’ Secret List That Just Leaked


LeBron James

Despite Elon Musk previously saying Twitter should treat “everyone equally”, the social media platform has been secretly boosting the accounts of about 35 public figures including LeBron James and Adrian Wojnarowski, according to Platformer.

LeBron and Woj appear on the list alongside all walks of celebrity life, such as Joe Biden, MrBeast and Elon Musk himself.

Platformer did not disclose the complete list, and it’s unclear whether these accounts will continue to receive more visibility than others.

Initially, the list was created to observe how changes to Twitter’s algorithm impacted the visibility of the site’s most popular users.

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However, everything changed when Musk noticed a decline in his own engagement in December, and even terminated an engineer over it.

To alleviate his concerns, Twitter engineers reportedly developed a way to “adjust” the site’s ranking system whenever engagement levels for a high-profile user decreased, guaranteeing that tweets from these accounts would always appear.

Additionally, the extent of Musk’s boost differed from what the other users received, according to Platformer.

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