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Ryan Reynolds might soon be a BILLIONAIRE & Credit Suisse is Rebounding


Episode 18: Neal and Toby break down why Credit Suisse is on the rebound. They also discuss why the U.S. is advocating for the sale of TikTok and why Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful celebrity entrepreneurs. Plus, the economics of March Madness, and NASA’s nifty new spacesuits. Oh also they reveal the Greatest Logo of all time bracket – head to our social channels to sound off!

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0:00 – Greatest Logo of All Time Bracket
02:15 – Credit Suisse shares rebound on Thursday
06:15 – U.S. Pushes for TikTok Sale
09:40 – Ryan Reynolds sells Mint Mobile in $billion+ deal
13:27 – March Madness Starts Thursday
17:50 – Neal’s Numbers
21:57 – NASA Reveals Spacesuits


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