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“I let my game speak for itself” Lakers’ Anthony Davis claims to be never bothered by trade rumors or fans criticism


Anthony Davis, 29, has matched the record previously held by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal despite being targeted by internet netizens. Too slow, injury prone, passive in the game and not good enough were recent verdicts, only to be smashed by the man himself. Understandably, trading him for anyone won’t be the rumor anymore that will gyrate around the webs.

Anthony Davis hasn’t started the season much good this time around and gave the critics a chance to open up and bully him. It was not the first criticism though nor the shut up performance.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis trade talks were predominantly circulating and becoming NBA best bets discussion around the internet throughout last month but the superstar stepped up since then. Well! That’s what legends do. Davis scored jaw-dropping 44 and 55 pointers in his last couple of games that left people ‘aww!’ with their mouth open.

When asked, Davis shared his motto of success and described it as an instinct of his caliber. Never bothered, never panicked and always trusting on own capabilities. Yes that’s what makes you different from others. He loves what he loves to do and that is playing. Nothing can stop you if you have expectations and determination, proved to be very effective for Anthony Davis.

“People who talk who don’t know the game, my job is to go play basketball. I know what I’m capable of doing”-is what he expressed as his saying. Getting involved, enjoying every point is all about the success to him it seems.

Injuries are regrettable yet a brave learning process of a sportsman’s career and none can control it. All one can is, compete with himself and coming back to life.

“There were two injuries I couldn’t control. Somebody getting pushed into my knee or falling into my knee, and landed on someone’s foot. I know I’m comfortable with my game. I know the things I’m able to do on the basketball court”

Anthony Davis is a tough man to crook. Notably for Lakers, he carried on games even with injuries showing the personality and persistence of a true warrior.

Someday light will shine brightest and someday it will be deem; but when light disappears, it is darkness that gathers. “Street Clothes” may be available but never unadornable, so does Anthony Davis.

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