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Myles Turner on trade rumors: ‘It’s something that I know that I’m numb to’


Indiana Pacers Myles Turner
Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Being part of the swirling trade bubbles since then, Myles Turner fully understands the business side of the NBA.

Contrary to being bothered, he revealed that this kind of idea already made him “numb.”

“This is the only time I will be addressing it this year; I want to make sure everyone knows that,” Turner said, via Wilson Moore of Indianapolis Star. “Yeah, elephant in the room. For me, this is my eighth season. I’ve been in trade rumors the past four or five years. It’s something that I know that I’m numb to. It’s something that it’s just whatever comes with this business.

“There are no hard feelings in this business. You have to take the emotions out of everything, and I’ve learned that at a young age, and I still hold true to that. My job is to come in here and help these young guys now, man.”

Being coveted due to his shot blocking ability and marksmanship from outside as a big man, Turner has been a consistent part of trade chatter in the majority of his career. But the fact that has now an expiring deal this upcoming season, speculations are assumed to continue as it is.

For now, he is slated to remain as a Pacer after trade talks with the Los Angeles Lakers have failed. With that, only time can tell what will be the next stage of his career that he is about to embark on moving forward.

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