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Russell Westbrook, Jae Crowder and more


Russell Westbrook, LA Lakers

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A lot of the talk surrounding Russell Westbrook has been much ado about nothing, with one report indicating that the point guard and former league MVP may be coming off the bench next season after the additions of Dennis Schroeder and Patrick Beverley.

Outside of that, it’s been more of the same about Westbrook, with reports repeating what we’ve been hearing all summer, that the Lakers would be open to trading him but are hesitant to attach future first-round picks just to do so.

There was one report that was interesting regarding the San Antonio Spurs and Westbrook, which came from SpursTalk. It said that San Antonio is one of the few teams interested in taking on Westbrook’s salary, but – and here’s the shocking part so sit down if you’re reading this – they’d want future first-round picks from the Lakers to do that:

At one point in time, the Spurs were in talks with the Los Angeles Lakers to absorb Russell Westbrook’s contract. In that scenario, San Antonio was to be compensated with multiple draft picks. Currently, a source close to the Spurs says the two teams are no longer engaged in active talks due to the Lakers preferring offers by both the Pacers and the Jazz. According to a Western Conference scout, the Lakers are telling teams that they will take a wait and see approach to trading Westbrook as training camp approaches. If the Lakers decide to trade Westbrook at some point down the line, the Spurs remain one of the few teams in the league open to such a deal

We’ll see if a Westbrook deal comes to fruition or not. The additions of two other veteran point guards made it seem like Westbrook’s time with the Lakers is done, but with Los Angeles unwilling to part with major draft assets – and with good reason – it’s hard to see that happening.

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