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Ben Simmons admits that criticism of his shooting messed with his mind


Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Former number one draft pick Ben Simmons, despite being considered a star, has a glaring weakness in his game – his shooting. Over four seasons that he has played in the NBA, the Australian point guard made just 14.7% of his three-pointers and 59.7% of his free-throws.

Simmons’ lack shooting is often brought up when his game is discussed. In an interview with his former teammate, now retired JJ Redick on The Old Man & The Three podcast the Nets guard admitted that getting criticised for his poor shooting had an affect on him.

According to Simmons, it made him doubt himself and was messing with his mind. He did find find peace in the end though.

Via Joseph Zucker of Bleacher Report:

“I didn’t really realize that early on in my career because this started building up and I’m like, ‘They’re saying I can’t. Should I not? I’m f–king confused now,’” he explained at the 24:42 mark. “… It did f–k with me a lot. But I kind of found peace in a place where I’m just like f–k it, it’s basketball.”

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