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Jalen Rose: Lakers know LeBron James is not leaving


LeBron James
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Former NBA player Jalen Rose provided a different perspective on LeBron James and his contract situation with the Lakers. The four-time NBA champion is eligible to sign an extension with one more year left on his current contract.

According to Rose, it does not matter whether James signs an extension or not because the Lakers know he is not leaving Los Angeles. Which means there is a certain degree of certainty that he will remain with the purple and gold.

Rose pointed at the fact that LeBron has moved to L.A. along with his family and is setting roots in the city. His family situation has also been talked about by NBA insider Brian Windhorst who also said that James is very happy with his current situation.

“They know he ain’t leaving now. So it don’t even matter what happens with the contract. They know they got the house out here, the wife out here, they know the kids out here,” Rose said on NBA Today, per Michael Macasero of sportskeeda.

“We always think about it as LeBron James the superstar, not always LeBron James the father, the dad, the human being. I don’t think he’s gonna necessarily wanna uproot to go play somewhere else.”

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