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Myles Turner reveals his favorite player growing up


Via NBA.com

Pacers center Myles Turner is one of those players that got the chance to play against his favorite player professionally. The 26-year-old former first round pick revealed that he was a fan of Kevin Durant.

Both Turner and KD played college basketball for Texas which was one connection. Before clashing in the NBA, the two players faced each other playing pickup basketball.

According to Turner, the opportunity to play against his favorite player even in a pickup game was memorable and remained with him to this day.

Via Zach Dimmitt of Sports Illustrated:

“(My favorite player) was definitely Kevin Durant growing up,” Myles Turner said. “He was one of the guy that obviously was at the University at Texas and I got to hoop with him when I went to the University just a random weekend playing pickup or whatnot. Stuff like that sticks with a kid. It definitely stuck with me, even to this day. So I know just coming out here and competing will stick with a lot of these kids out here.”

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