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Woj: Lakers considered the most significant threat for Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving
Photo: dailysnark.com

Could the Lakers lure Kyrie Irving out of Brooklyn? That remains to be seen, but according to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, they are considered the most significant threat for the Nets star point guard.

One big advantage that Los Angeles has over other teams is having LeBron James on the roster. Irving was his teammate for four years in Cleveland and won a championship together. However, joining the Lakers would mean Kyrie would have to take a significant pay cut.

Even though there were some tensions between the two stars they appear to have been settled and it is thought that both players would be interested in playing together again.

“Now, the Lakers are considered the most significant threat right now for Kyrie Irving,” Woj said on ESPN’s NBA Today. “But that would essentially entail him taking $30 million less that he can opt into in Brooklyn. There’s a $6 million taxpayer exemption he could sign with the Lakers with.

“Most people would say a player’s not going to give up that much money, but Kyrie Irving gave up nearly $17 million last year because of his refusal to get vaccinated. He lost a significant shoe deal with Nike or is in the process of losing that shoe deal with Nike.

“So, I think that the Nets have gone into this with their eyes open that it’s possible he could walk. He has done things differently in his career. But I think there’s a sweet spot for the Nets and for Kyrie to find a deal. And if they don’t, how does that impact Kevin Durant’s future with the Nets? All of that’s at stake this week.”

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