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Shaedon Sharpe’s high school coach makes case for him to play with De’Aaron Fox: “Shaedon’s IQ off the ball is insane”


Photo: UK Athletics

Dream City Christian School head coach Kyle Weaver believes Shaedon Sharpe would be a perfect fit with the Sacramento Kings at the #4 pick.

(Via D-Lo & KC):

“Shaedon’s IQ off the ball is insane, and Shaedon does not need the basketball in his hands. So, it’s going to still allow De’Aaron to have the ball primarily in his hands because Shaedon’s not one of these dudes that needs the ball 90% of the game. Shaedon’s gonna go get 30 points on 15-16 shots, and I mean that. So, I think it’s a perfect marriage in Sacramento with what they’re needing and what they’re looking for.”

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