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Dyson Daniels compares himself to Tyrese Haliburton, Lonzo Ball, & Alex Caruso, hopes to develop into a ‘Luka Doncic-type role’


Photo: AP

Dyson Daniels is making a lot of noise during pre-draft with his size and skillset, as Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman has Daniels rated #5 on his updated 2022 NBA Draft Big Board.

The Australian point guard has high hopes for himself in the league, comparing his game to names like Tyrese Haliburton, Lonzo Ball, & Alex Caruso and also mentioning the way Luka Doncic plays as a role he could develop into.

(Via Kyle Irving- Sporting News):

“That’s a tough one for me because I feel like I’m a unique player,” Daniels stated when asked who his NBA player comparison would be.

“I have a good floater game but I’m also a defender. I like to break it down like, on the offensive end, I’m a little bit like a Tyrese Haliburton kind of guy that’s in control. On the defensive end, I like to look at guys like Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso and people like that.”

While a mixture of Haliburton, Ball and Caruso creates an All-Star-caliber guard, Daniels also believes he can eventually morph into a similar version of one of the best young players in the league.

“I feel like I have the frame and once the game slows down for me a bit, I hope I could develop into a Luka Doncic-type role,” Daniels said.

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