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Russell Westbrook: “I’m not a quitter, it’s not in my genes”


Russell Westbrook Lakers
Photo: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The Los Angeles Lakers ship continues sinking. The team is now on a four-game losing streak after losing hopelessly against the Clippers last night (111-132).

Once the media asked Russell Westbrook about his own situation and his struggles. The 33-year-old point guard maintained that the season is not over and the goal of winning a championship is still attainable.

“My expectations are still the same,” Westbrook said after the Clippers game. “I’m not a quitter, it’s not in my genes, I don’t quit regardless of what the hell going on. I’mma fight to the end and then if it don’t work, that’s cool too, I can live with the results. But I’m never going to give up or give in because of a little struggle that’s happening this time of the year.”

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